Bhutan Children

  • ‘My trip to India with Away Inward Retreats was a truly valuable experience, incorporating a perfect balance of yoga immersion, cultural exploration and personal reflection, all in a beautiful and supportive environment. My time spent with Nianna in the birthplace of yoga took me on a personal journey, both challenging (physically and mentally- but a good amount!) and inspiring. It took me out of my comfort zone, taught me humility, grace and gratitude, gave me clarity and a sense of wholeness which is rare to tap into these days where hectic schedules seem to dominate everyday life. Nianna has an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm and is a great teacher. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone that loves yoga and the joy that it brings. A truly memorable experience which taught me a great deal about myself and the power of Yoga.’ Leili ~ London

  • The honor was definitely all mine. I was truly a learning experience and one that I will never forget. Wonderful place, amazing people and teachers each and every one of you. Coming back to the "real world" has been tough even after three weeks I can feel the vibration of the plant inside of me, and I don't mean physically, It's as if my senses are more acute, I am more aware... clearer, maybe... It is hard for me to describe specially in English. Lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu. Rosalia ~ Argentina

  • I thought the retreat was because I needed to get away for a bit. Ended up bringing home the little girl within. So happy and free, it has profoundly touched every part of my life. Thank you for the opportunity Sincerely grateful, Anita ~ New York Mum of 2 and wife of a happy hubby that I took the break! : )

  • Ryan is amazing. He intuitively works the body while healing. I met him while hiking in Mallorca for a week and was lucky enough to have Ryan work with my body two times during the week where he was able to heal a long term knee and foot/heal problem. Now we are onto my shoulder. Laura ~ Paris

  • When I practice yin yoga with Nianna I feel like a liberated little bonzai tree.Free from the strings which were forcing the branches and roots against its will.Bit by bit, release unintentional negative cultivation and the tree can grow through instinct.Nothing but fun to be free and express myself from deep inside. Atshushi ~ Venice

  • Nianna is a grounded, powerful, and thoughtful instructor. Combining innovative sequencing, and powerful age-old yogic wisdom, Nianna teaches her students to practice authentically and with strong intention. Nianna teaches with patience, but she also urges students to find their edge and explore it. When she leads a group of students through practice, it does not take long to realize the collective transformation taking place in the room. Practicing with Nianna is a blessing. Zack ~ Los Angeles

  • Thank you Nianna and Ryan for diving with us into the depths of Mother India and our own hearts. These have been the most tranforming two weeks in our life! We are happy and grateful for this pilgrimage and back home with a new perspective on life. Endless love from Germany. Sandra & Lotte ~ Germany

  • I had the pleasure of joining the India Pilgrimage and it was absolutely amazing!! Surrounded by paradise and incredible people, Ashiyana quickly became home for me! Nianna and Ryan were incredible teachers and guides, but more importantly they created a loving and safe environment to be completely open and truly experience everything India has to offer! I was welcomed into the group with loving arms and quickly became part of the family dynamic. It was not until we had to say our goodbyes that I realized how much love I had been surrounded by while we all were together! Since coming home and having time to reflect I have noticed some deep core changes, the best way to describe them is, I am a little softer yet stronger! Sharing the awesome Yoga classes, the wonderfully delicious food, and all the amazing experiences, with Nianna, Ryan, and the group, is something that has changed me for the better and will always be something I will cherish in my heart forever!"..Thank you Nianna & Ryan! Love to you!! Om Shanti Shaun ~ Canada