At home in this world!

The purpose of Away Inward Retreats is to experience the fullness of life through travel, cultural immersion, wellness and self-reflection. When you travel the world you meet people and see places that open your eyes and heart to the healing powers of nature, the richness of culture, the wisdom of ancient traditions, and the wonders of simplicity. Our unique and intimate retreats will strengthen you physically, awaken you spiritually, and lead you further down your own path of healing and expanding. Along with yoga and meditation we serve local orphanages and schools, visit holy cities, pray at sacred sites, incorporate teachings from the indigenous and leave space for sincere reflection and individual healing.

AIR will take you away from your routine and expand your comfort zone and consciousness. Our retreats are adventures. We love to play, explore and enjoy nature. Our programs are designed with a deep appreciation for mother earth and all that she has to offer. From the organic food and her powerful waters and cycles to the sheer magnifience of her mountains, we explore it all. We scuba dive in the Caribbean, in North India we meditate on Ma Gange (River Ganges), we sit in ceremony in the sacred valley of Peru, and we trek deep into the Himalayas. The wisdom of ancient traditions and the medicine of nature hold healing powers and teachings of self-realization, unconditional love, and freedom that you can directly apply to your modern life. We create the perfect opportunity for this to unfold.

As travel guides, spiritual teachers and healers it is our sincere service to share cross-culturally the wealth and wisdom we have gleaned from our travels, both inward and outward, and to continue to learn, grow, and heal with our brothers and sisters on our earth. It is our prayer that as humans we feel at home in our bodies, at home with each other, and at home in this world and act in accordance with nature’s law of abundance.

AIR is an eco-sustainable privately owned boutique retreat company and venue for you to discover yourself as you discover the world.

When you are at home within yourself, wherever you go, you are at home in this world.

"Be the change that you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi