Away Inward Retreats (AIR) Policies

By registering and paying for your retreat with Away Inward Retreats (from hereon referred to as "AIR") you are hereby agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Some conditions will change according to each retreat and will be clarified before registration.

Retreats are all-inclusive of meals, accommodations, excursions, activities, classes, and workshops.

Retreats do NOT include airfare or ground transportation to and from the airport and retreat space.

Retreats do NOT include additional services; laundry, therapies, massages, shopping, snacks, water, etc.

All rooms are double occupancy unless stated otherwise. Room assignments are made with the discretion of AIR staff.

Proof of traveler’s insurance is REQUIRED.

Deposits are non-refundable. 50% of deposit can be applied to another AIR retreat within a calendar year.

Final payment must be made 1 month prior to departure.

Refunds: full refunds are given for cancelations up to 2 months prior to departure. Half refunds are given up to 1 month prior to departure. No refund is given for cancelations within 1 month of departure. Emergencies are exceptions.

A “Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement” must be signed by all participants.

All personal information given to AIR whether directly, indirectly, or on AIR website is secure and confidential and will not be shared with any party.

Photos taken on any AIR retreat can or will be used for promotional purposes and an individuals participation on any given retreat is consent for AIR to use such images.

Itineraries are subject to change based on availability and at the discretion of Local Guides and AIR Travel Guides.

Upon arrival and until the completion of a given retreat, AIR Travel Guides will make all travel decisions.

AIR reserves the right to refuse service and release participants for non-compliance.