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We have completed our first SCHOOL RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT in Nepal

As you must know by now one of our favorite places on earth, Nepal, has been devastated by a
M7.9 earthquake. We began with emergency relief of tin roofing for temporary structures. We then decided to help rebuild schools. It has been AMAZING!

The situation is desperate! Many of the villages, particularly in the high mountains, have still not
received any govt assistance. It has been over a year. Please think seriously about joining our efforts. Below is a link to our information page.

We are raising funds now to continue our efforts. As of Dec 2016, we have build (or are building) 18 new classrooms, 3 restrooms, we have painted 40 classrooms, donated computers, clothing, blankets and are working on internet and teacher training. PLEASE click below. Visit our nonprofit page and see what YOU can do to help!

More info here!
Here is a video from our first phase of reconstruction in Nepal. Check it out!

"It was not until we had to say our goodbyes that I realized how much love I had been surrounded by while we all were together! Since coming home and having time to reflect I have noticed some deep core changes, the best way to describe them is, I am a little softer yet stronger! Sharing the awesome Yoga classes, the wonderfully delicious food, and all the amazing experiences, with Nianna, Ryan, and the group, is something that has changed me for the better and will always be something I will cherish in my heart forever!"

Thank you Nianna & Ryan! Love to you!
Om Shanti