The impact that Away Inward Retreats makes on this planet is two-fold. The first part is the impact that we have on our guests. It is our desire to create an atmosphere of strength and surrender so that each individual may grow and expand with a sense of wild curiosity and fierce courage into an empowered and fruitful life. We are dedicated to holding a container of trust and adventure so that each person will be challenged and encouraged to realize their greatest potential and reconnect to their hearts knowing, beauty, and love, and reestablish themselves in profound health and vitality.

The second part is the impact we have on the cultures we visit. Through awareness campaigns and fundraisers, we are able to make both financial and material contributions to schools and orphanages, medical clinics and street kids. Our intention is to collect monies, school and medical supplies, and distribute them to our friends in Peru and India. We are developing relationships with amazing people in both places who are changing lives on a local level. In Peru it is an orphanage and school, medical clinic, and post-high school program all wrapped up in an unbelievable package known as Los Niños del Arco Iris (website below). In India it is an after school program to supplement the scarce education the poor children receive. It is called The Children of Rishikesh. This is a startup program with a long way to go. Our support goes far and for as little as $300USD we can send a child to an English school for an entire year. Very powerful work here!

Our intention is that the journey each soul takes with Away Inward will continue to fortify and inspire them well past the moment and that the lessons learned and the wisdom gained will forever be engrained in their hearts and minds. In this way, our hope is that each person can take what they have received and share it with their communities, families, and friends wether it be in a first, second, or third world.

Join us in our mission of mutually positive impact. We can all learn from each other.

The Away Inward Foundation a 501(c)3