Children We Serve

Globally we are trying to make a difference. Each place we go there are children without enough to eat, without warm blankets, and often without parents. Ryan and Nianna have made it a personal mission to change that. Although it seems like a small step, it is a first step. Here are a few pictures of simple acts of love. In October 2013 we visited an orphanage in Patan with our van full of blankets, shoes, medical supplies and love. In India we brought a bat and balls to children living in tents, and delivered books and educational materials to an after school program. In Kathmandu in 2012 we fed children who are living on the streets. It doesnt seem like much, but look at these SMILES!!! :)

he Away Inward Foundation is now a reality! All proceeds will go to underprivileged youth. We help to support an orphanage in Nepal and Peru, and a school in India. These children need our love. Click the link to make a donation. Any dollar amount is greatly appreciated. It is our intention to make a significant impact in these kids' lives every chance we get. We ALL thank you!!

Your support is appreciated. On so many levels. Please make a donation now!